First, how to hold a release bird... a short video produced by some good friends, please allow time to load:

The white doves that are typically released are actually white homing pigeons. This is the only breed that is known to be reliable on returning home when released. They are called doves because all pigeons are known scientifically as "Columbia Livia" or "Rock Dove" and since our birds are white the term "White Dove Release" is just a natural.

Our doves are bred from generations of birds that were able to return home from long distances and over unfamiliar territory. White Dove Releases rarely go further than seventy miles from their lofts, and for the most part over familiar territory. White homing pigeons enjoy a meticulous training regimen which enables the young cadets to be ready when needed.  The birds do possess a natural ability, but there are many other factors that come into play. Proper feed, exercise, training, and housing all play a very important roles as well. Our White Doves are athletes and are cared for as such.

Please do not purchase the smaller doves for release, such as are sometimes available from pet stores. These birds have no training, no home to return to, and very poor survival skills. They will likely perish if released.

The American Dove Association has great information on the types of doves and Pigeons: Dove Facts

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