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Doves naturally make strong familial ties and mate for life. They are highly recognized for their devotion in caring for their young and one another. As a young couple start out their new life together, the example shown by a pair of white doves serves to reinforce the magnitude of the vows they take on this special occasion. The release of a pair of doves is not only a lovely visual experience, it also is a beautiful and sentimental symbol of commitment. As the doves spiral gracefully towards the sky all eyes are riveted as they quickly join and together began their journey home.

james and jessica weddingThe white dove has for centuries symbolized purity, faithfulness, hope, peace and spirituality. This beautiful bird was developed from the native grey Rock Dove and immediately became revered across the known world as a symbol of godliness and purity. What better way to imbue any special occasion with the awe-inspiring attributes of these exquisite doves as they so majestically take to the air in a flutter of flawless white wings than with a live dove release.

wedding dovesWe offer pure white Fantails and the smaller Ringneck doves for display purposes only.

Please do not purchase the smaller Ringneck doves for release, such as are sometimes available from pet stores. These birds have no training, no home to return to, and very poor survival skills. They will likely perish if released.

The American Dove Association has great information on the types of doves and Pigeons: Dove Facts

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